About us

Our Mission: Africa is such a beautiful continent with a lot of wonderful innovation and ideas, but not many people across Europe or the world at large get to hear or see this side of the story of Africa. With our brand, we want to tell this part of the story. We want to help people connect to their roots. Amalgamating culture through fashion is our main mission of the brand, hence, encouraging unity and appreciating our cultural diversity.

The problem solved by our brand:
Over the past years, across Hungary and the EU, there have been numerous interracial marriages between couples and many of them had produced beautiful and awesome children. However, a larger percentage of these children, some of whom are adults now, have never been to Africa or other parts of the world in which one of their parents come from. With my brand, I want to help them embrace their heritage with my fashion brand which is mostly African inspired.

How does our brand start?
Largo Collections started as a hobby in year 2019 while the founder was a student of University of Pécs (now a graduate of the school). After long hours of lectures, he found out that one of his ways of relaxing was sewing. He decided to help some of my friends with their long and wide pair of trousers to their appropriate lengths and he made new clothes for some of them with large print fabrics which they love so much and they inspired him to proceed with the hobby to reach a large audience by making a facebook page. With the facebook page, he was able to reach his target audience, made clothes for them with a lot of wonderful reviews on the facebook page. Then he proceeded to make this website which made it easy for our audience and potential customers like you to view our catalog and make payment with ease using their credit cards and Paypal accounts.

Who does the company serve?
The brand does not just serve people with African descent, but also people from any nationality and race who have interest in African culture, tradition, music, way of life and among others.

Why do we do what we do?
There is a thin line that separates cultural appreciation from inappropriate and we love our brand to be able to communicate the differences to people and encourage them to appreciate cultural differences in the right way.

Why should you choose us?

Apart from buying an handmade products from us, you are also supporting and donating to orphanage homes in Nigeria as we donate 5% of our profit to support them. Not just in Hungary, but in the entire Europe, we are one of the few brands that is African inspired. We connect to our customers and potential customers on a more personal level to make them have awesome experiences with the brand and give a proper representation of African Heritage through our newsletters. Click the link to subscribe and get 10% off on your first order.

Contact us: info@largocollections.com 


About the Founder:

Boluwatife Olagoke is an ambitious African young man, now reside in Hungary who believes in unity of people around the world, hence his inspiration behind Largo Collections brand for incorporating African prints with other fabrics across the world. He organised his first fashion show in collaboration with Afro Festival Hungary and win an award of fast growing fashion icon in Hungary by Iroko Event International. His main aim is to help people to be happy and he is achieving that through fashion design and health care. He has had numerous interviews about his passion for amalgamating culture through fashion design and how he relates health care with it in Hungarian and English language. He has been on magazine cover of University of Pécs, the first university in Hungary and also had an interview with the university student body.  

Contact him directly: boluwatife.olagoke@largocollections.com


From the fashion show